about company

Yuzhny meridian, Ltd. (Kherson, Ukraine) was founded in 1993 as the specialized enterprise for designing, manufacturing and selling the engine driven welders. Today our Company is one of the largest ADD type welder manufacturers in the Ukraine. We supply the finest quality engine driven welders and generator sets that combine the high technical characteristics and the first-class design.

The welders and generating stations, produced by our company under MERIDIAN® trade mark, are designed and manufactured with the use of advanced technologies. Our long-term collaboration with Velga, Deutz, VTZ, MTZ and other leading manufacturers of the welding engineering and engines has served its purpose in the optimal design of our welders and gensets as well as in questions of the manufacturing and testing methods.

Production of the MERIDIAN trade mark

Since the very beginning of our activity, we have been focusing on innovation. The Company has continually broadened its range of products. In 2001 we developed a new modification for all models of welders with built-in auxiliary AC generator with three-phase power output 5.5 kW 400 V and single-phase power output 4.0 kW 230 V to supply the necessary tools and lighting with power while welding. Since July 2002 the Company manufactures the diesel fuelled generating sets with power outputs 10 to 30 kW. In January 2003 we developed the new version for all engine driven welders equipped with one or two independent welding stations, which completely corresponds to European standards. Moreover in 2003 a new model of power station UMG-100 with power output 125 kVA was released and it opened a new range of MERIDIANs generating sets in three variants: diesel fuelled, gas fuelled and combined diesel-gas fuelled.

Company regularly participates in the specialized exhibitions. Specifically, the MERIDIAN products has been presented at the International specialized exhibition "Welding of the Ukraine", International specialized exhibition "OIL & GAS", International ExhibitionFair Welding. Related Technologies". The quality of welders and power stations that were represented at the exhibitions has been verified by the numerous awards and diplomas that the Company has won.

We design and manufacture both standard and customized products with any accessories you need. The flexible system of reductions is provided for the bulk buyers and permanent customers. We are very proud of our clients - the companies in petrochemical, construction, fabrication, electrical and other industries, the oil and gas complex of the Ukraine and enterprises of the agribusiness.

The production is certified by the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy, UkrSEPRO certificates UA1.012. All MERIDIAN products are supplied with a one year Warranty. In November 2003 our company together with the Naftogazresurs, Ltd. completed the procedure of the official registration of MERIDIAN® trade mark and was obtained Certificate to the sign for the goods and the services, granted by the State Department of the Intellectual Property of the Ukraine.

Specialists of our Company will solve any problems in the field of manufacturing, purchase, delivery and operation of the welders or generating sets. They are ready to prepare them according to the specific customer needs, to test them, to do an entire complex of starting and adjusting works and to consult the personnel. Our work is oriented to your needs to use the qualitative equipment only. Guarantee to this is the professionalism of the specialists of our company and the efficient meeting of the undertaken engagements.

We invite to the collaboration on the long-term and mutually beneficial basis.


Alexander Kim
Yuzhny meridian, Ltd.