The production capacities

Materials handling area

The production of MERIDIAN® trade mark is released by Yuzhny meridian, Ltd. The Company has manufacturing operations in Kherson, Ukraine. On a total area of 20,000 m 2, the following departments are situated:

“Yuzhny meridian” employees totals about 50. They are highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians that are capable to provide solutions to often complex customer requirements, competently and operationally solve any problems that relates to design, implementation and manufacturing of welders and generating sets.


The quality control always is given consideration at all stages of production, from production preparation to the production process itself and sale promotion.

Only certified component parts and the instruments are used in the production. All icoming engines, generators, trailers and control equipment pass obligatory receiving inspection and after that they are accepted in the storage. Incoming engines pass running test on the universal bench testing unit that allows to measure performance and compare with the certified parameters, including the start-up and shutdown modes, the stability of running, oil temperature and pressure, engine speed, the generator output, etc. Incoming tests for welding generators are conducted according to  304-82 on the testing unit that checks the operational stability, welding voltage and amperage at the rated and increased speed. Similar tests pass the three-phase alternators that which are used in the production of generating sets. The possible defects of production and assembling are revealed at this stage. The connecting blocks, canopies and frames pass geometrics control.

Canopies before painting

Environmentally appropriate process of the powder painting is used during the production. It results to durable, elastic, shockproof coating with the excellent decorative properties. The coating ensures reliable rust and corrosion resistance as well as minimal susceptibility to spalling and protection against negative effect of low and high temperatures, metal drops, etc. After the painting the appearance and quality of coating of the frames and canopies are checked. The trailers as needed pass elaboration, complete painting and and completing with light kit.

After assembling the output tests of welders and generating sets are conducted to check the correspondence of certified specifications. Then products receive the factory serial number, they are completed with accessories at customer request and packed.

The company spends significant funds on the certification of the production. All products are produced in accordance with the state standards. Engine driven welders pass tests according to 2402-82 when start-up, running and shutdown modes are checked, welding amperage and voltage, fuel consumption are measured at rated load and with 10% power overload with one hour running at each load conditions. The quality of products by MERIDIAN® trademark is confirmed by the certificates of the National certification system UA1.012.

All welders and generating sets provided with one year MERIDIAN warranty.

Customer oriented policy

Customer oriented policy

We continually broaden the range of products and improve their quality. The whole products range of welders and generating sets passed the complete cycle of design, technological and production estimations. The base models (prototypes) were completely elaborated to strongly keep the consistency of dimensional chains, to reach the best manufacturability, safety, design, maintenance and usability.

The production process at "Yuzhny meridian" makes it possible to track each welder or generating set at all stages of production and to consider the special customer requirements. Each model can be manufactored and delivered with different options and accessories.

The technical support service has been formed in the company. It includes Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer and Diesel Specialist. The technical support service renders the following services: