generating sets

We produce diesel and gas fuelled generating sets with power outputs covering 20 to over 450 kVA that can be used as prime, standby and emergency power sources. They guarantee complete self-sufficiency and independence against power troubles and sudden power outage. Gensets by MERIDIAN® are powered with the industrys best-known air-cooled and water-cooled engines that have high reliability and work well on the diesel fuel of the oil refineries of the CIS.

Product Name Rated Output, kW (kVA) Voltage, V Engine Type Alternator
Diesel fuelled
UMV-20 22.4 (28) 230/400 -144 diesel, air-cooled EG202.6
UMM-20 22.4 (28) -242 diesel, water-cooled EG202.6
UMV-30 32 (40) -145-23 diesel, air-cooled EG202.7
UMM-30 32 (40) -245.5 diesel, water-cooled EG202.7
UMM-50 50 (62,5) -2362-7 diesel, water-cooled BRF series
UMM-60 60 (75) -2362-7 diesel, water-cooled BRF series
UMM-100 100 (125) -2382-11 diesel, water-cooled BRF series
UMM-110 110 (138) Perkins 1006TAG diesel, water-cooled Newage UC274E
UMM-200 200 (250) -7514.10 diesel, water-cooled BRF.250
Gas-diesel dual mode fuelled
UMGD-50 50 (62.5) 230/400 -2362 diesel and gas-diesel, water-cooled BRF series
UMGD-60 60 (75) -2362 diesel and gas-diesel, water-cooled BRF series
UMGD-100 100 (125) -2382 diesel and gas-diesel, water-cooled BRF series
UMGD-200 200 (250) -7514.10 diesel and gas-diesel, water-cooled BRF series
UMG-16 16 (20) 230/400 2105 gas, water-cooled LSA 37 L6
UMG-50 50 (62.5) -23622 gas, water-cooled BRF series
UMG-60 60 (75) -2362 gas, water-cooled BRF series
UMG-100 100 (125) -2382 gas, water-cooled BRF series
UMG-200 200 (250) -7514.10 gas, water-cooled BRF series
UMG-360 360 (450) Volvo TAD 1631 GE gas, water-cooled LSA 47.1 L9 or EMSA MSA550
Diesel-fuelled generating set UMV-20

Generating sets supply three-phase electrical power. They could be used at drilling platforms, surface mines, building sites, offshore platforms, rural areas and many other places and areas. Wherever you need the electrical power, our diesel generating sets supply it simply, efficaciously and cost-effectively.

A complete autonomy makes it possible to install and operate them even at hard-to-reach areas where cabling the three-phase transmission facilities is not economically sound. In this case generating set by MERIDIAN® are optimum alternative to electric mains.

Generating sets could be supplied in three different versions: stationary version, open set; stationary version in standard or sound attenuated enclosure; and mobile version in standard or sound attenuated enclosure on trailer.

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