Mounted welders of the series by MERIDIAN®are designed for welding professionals who demand superior welding arcs for welding, cutting or welding deposition at field condition. A welding arc is supplied with DC power that makes it possible to weld using electrodes with any coatings.

Welders are externally driven by tractors. The speed of the tractors power shaft that all mounted welders are designed for amounts 540 rpm. This speed of rotation is increased to the rated speed of the welding generator 1800 rpm through the gear and belt transmission.

During mounting of the welder on the tractor its hydraulic mounting system is removed and welder is bolted directly to the tractor. The tractorss power shaft delivers the engine torque to the input shaft of the mounted welder through the spline coupling. With the mounted welder tractor is able to haul a trailer, however none of the attached implements could be used anymore. Mounted welders of this type are supplied with tractors only.

There is also a possibility to order welders according to special requirements specified by Customer to mount on tractor using its hydraulic mounting system. The engine torque in this case is delivered to the input shaft of the mounted welder through the cardan joint. Welders of this type are mounted in the same way as attached implements; they could be easily removed and mounted on the tractor.

Product Name Rated Output Welding Arcs Type of tractor Generator AC generator
-4001 60-450 A / 32 V 1 -80 / -6 GD-4002
-4003/5,5 60-450 A / 32 V 1 -80 / -6 GD-4002 SG-5,5
5,5 kVA×380 V×50 Hz
-2×250 30-260  / 32 V
60-450  / 32 V
-80 / -6 SG-2×250
-2×250/5,5 30-260  / 32 V
60-450 A / 32 V
-80 / -6 SG-2×250 EG-5,5
5,5 kVA×380 V×50 Hz

Mounted welders -2×250 and -2×250/5,5 supply power for two independently controlled superior welding arcs. The generator technology also provides the possibility to bridge two terminal pairs if necessary, that sum up the welding currents and delivers a great 400 A DC welding current for one welding arcs.

Mounted welders -4003/5,5 and -2×250/5,5 provide added value at the job site by delivering up to 5.5 kVA of AC auxiliary power for lights, grinders, drills and other common tools. They allow welding and having access to AC power simultaneously the full 5.5 kVA can be delivered while welding.

Mounted welders are equipped with the industrys best-known generators that are certified to provide the key welding characteristics: easy starts, arc stability and elasticity, smooth arc action, reduced spatter, and great bead appearance. During certification procedures these characteristics were found to match or even exceed the similar characteristics of the collector-type generators. These high rates have been achieved by using the original circuit improvements and wise choice of the moderate current load. Higher usage of the copper wires in windings is compensated with higher reliability and longer generator life. These synchronous brushless self-excited inductor-type high frequency generators contain no brushes, rotating diodes or controlled semiconductors that results in very simple design and high efficiency. All bearings are supplied sealed for life and are, therefore, not regreasable. The generators of this type are the most reliable generators no maintenance required.

The warranty period is twelve months.

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