stick welder -306
Input Power3-Phase
Input Voltage380 V AC
AC Frequency50 Hz
Input Current36 A

Rated Output315 A / 32 V DC
Range SelectionLow/High
Welding Amperage (Low Range)45 - 125 A
Welding Amperage (High Range)125 - 315 A
Output Voltage22 - 32 V
Rated Duty Cycle60%
Rated Output Period5 min
Open-Circuit Voltage60 - 70 V
Efficiency, at least70%
Noise level, at most80 bBA @ 3 m
Dimensions and Weight
Length30.9 in (785 mm)
Width24.6 in (625 mm)
Height32 in (810 mm)
Net Weight330 lb (150 kg)

Stick welder -306

Stick welder -306

  • -306 is an extremely useful stick welding power source from MERIDIAN for maintenance repair, fabrication, construction, erecting and hardfacing applications. Can also be used for cutting and piercing holes in steel.
  • Smooth arc makes it easy to weld with different electrodes.
  • Fan-cooled design for long life expectancy and low cost operation.
  • Easy to operate. Current control knob makes procedure setting simple and easy.
  • Rated for the conditions of the moderate climate with the ambient air temperature -40°F (-40°) to 104°F (+40°) and the relative humidity of air up to 80% at a temperature of 68°F (20°).
  • One year MERIDIAN warranty on parts and labour.
Stick welder -306

Key Controls and Switches

  1. Ammeter;
  2. Voltmeter;
  3. Warning Lamp;
  4. Start and Stop Pushbuttons;
  5. Lifting Eyes;
  6. Amperage Control;
  7. Output Range Switch;
  8. Weld Output Terminals;
  9. Ground Stud;
  10. Cable.

Specifications are the subject to change without notice. For further information please contact the sales department.

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